Toothbank is the only tooth banking laboratory in the Midwest and it’s based in Browsnburg, Indiana.

“I call us the modern day tooth fairy. Instead of disposing them like everyone does and put under their pillow and getting money for it. They can save the dental stem cells and used for advanced medical procedures down the road,” explained Jake Isenbarger with Toothbank.

Tooth Banking is the storing of dental stem cells that have the ability to regenerate into various cell types. When your child’s tooth or your own tooth falls out or is extracted, dental stem cells are harvested from the dental pulp within the tooth. Baby teeth and wisdom teeth are rich in dental stem cells. These dental stem cells are preserved indefinitely by being cryogenically frozen.

“You have your own cells to use later in life. Whether it is bone regeneration, skin regeneration, nerve regeneration. The potential right now is endless,” said Michael Byers with Toothbank.

Dental stem cells can be multiplied over and over, unlike umbilical cord stem cells. Dental stem cells are non-controversial because they’re your own cells, not embryonic cells.

Dr. Matthew Bojrab has recommended the science to his patients, including Mary Beth Garcia. Garcia’s son, Drew, sent his wisdom teeth to the laboratory.

For $115 a year, Garcia thinks the technology is worth it, just in case.

“It gives me piece of mind to have this available for drew on the off chance he will need that kind of help,” said Garcia.

The cost to store your dental stem cells is not covered by insurance.

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