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The choice to become a dental assistant is an exciting one. Not only is it a well-paying, hands-on position where you get to work with patients and dental experts alike every day, but a position as a dental assistant offers a number of opportunities for career advancement. Many entry-level dental assistants go on to seek certification as a Certified Dental Assistant, and becoming a dental assistant is also the fastest path to becoming a dental hygienist.

If you're looking forward to an exciting, meaningful career, a position as a dental assistant is a great place to start.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

As the U.S. population continues to age, dentists are taking on larger patient loads, and have a staggering and increasing need for support from trained dental assistants. Entry-level dental assistants handle a variety of tasks for dentists and other dental staff, and provide assistance in patient care, as well as in the office and laboratory.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Work chairside with dentists and other dental staff
  • Make patients comfortable
  • Prep patients for treatment
  • Obtain dental records
  • Hand instruments to dentist
  • Help keep patients' mouth dry
  • Sterilize and disinfect instruments
  • Prepare tray setups
  • Instruct patients on postoperative and general oral health care

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Why Choose The DATS Program?
  • Our program prepares students to seek employment in a dental office as an entry-level dental assistant, receptionist, clerical or clinical assistant.
  • DATS x-ray training qualifies students to apply for the DANB® Radiation Health and Safety Exam, so you may perform x-rays in future positions.

How graduation from DATS sets you apart:

  • DATS Diploma
  • OSHA Certification
  • Red Cross Adult CPR Certificate
  • Radiology Training for the Dental Assistant National Board (DANB®) Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) Exam
  • Hands-on classroom training
  • Experience with terminology and charting
  • Basic instruments and equipment
  • Training on taking and developing x-rays
  • Job interviewing techniques

Why Choose Dental Assistant Training Schools?

Our Dental Assistant Training Schools (DATS) is designed for you. Built on three core values of preparation, convenience, and cost, our program prepares you for a career in the dental profession with hands-on training in practicing dental offices. We offer the convenience of weeknight and weekend class times that fit your schedule, and we offer our 11-week program at an attractive, affordable cost. The DATS program is built to support you as you learn all of the entry-level skills necessary to become a successful dental assistant.

What Does Graduation from the DATS Program Do For You?

Dentistry is a competitive field. Dentists and dental offices have a staggering need for dental assistants but are often unable to find candidates who have the necessary training. The DATS program is designed to provide you with all of the skills you need to find employment quickly in such a competitive field.

Our students learn in an actual dental office, get familiar with the work environment before their first day on the job, and often find employment at a higher salary level than those with no training.

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Student Services

DATS is a student-first dental assistant training program. Our courses are geared to help students learn everything needed to be successful in a professional dental career following graduation. Our student services cover everything from job placement assistance to professional and personal student counseling.

Professional Job Placement Assistance

Available to students & graduates. Does not guarantee employment.
Job placement assistance includes:

  • Spending time in the last class session on resumé writing, job search skills, and interview techniques.
  • Presentation of these job placement skills by a dental professional aware of staff needs in a practicing dental office.
  • Each regional office is in touch with area dentists and maintains a list of job openings. Local job openings are presented at the last session of every course.
  • A DATS representative follows up with graduates to determine where they are working and to assist with job placement post-graduation.

DATS students typically attend a school near their home. Therefore, no housing arrangements are available.


Students may request counseling and career information from their school director, student services personnel, or instructor. Referrals can be made to community resources for personal counseling.


The use of a library is not required to complete any training programs. Dental journals are available for student use on site.

Faculty & Administration

Regional Director

Sharon Gaylord, DDS

CEO, Director of Externship

Scott Becker

Director of Admissions

Lisa Rohn

Annapolis, MD Staff

Dr. Valerie Vitagliano, School Director
Milton Burgess, Instructor

Columbia, MD Staff

Niesha Henry, Instructor
Hima Basse, Assistant Instructor

Westminster, MD Staff

Tess Roman, Instructor
Denise Stephan, Assistant Instructor

Germantown, MD Staff

Dr. Ali Alibakhski, School Director
Macouta Diop, Instructor
Pat Beasley, Instructor

Fairfax, VA Staff

Macouta Diop, Instructor
Erum Hasan, Instructor

Fredericksburg, VA Staff

Sandra Williams, Instructor
Laura Rankins, Assistant Instructor
Jacquelyn Ralph, Assistant Instructor

Manassas, VA Staff

Heather Reniere, Instructor
Parvane Kinsley, Assistant Instructor

Woodbridge, VA Staff

Macouta Diop, Instructor
Austin McCaleb, Assistant Instructor

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