DATS of Maryland has been issued a Certificate to operate by:
Maryland Higher Education Commission
6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, MD 21201 & operates at the following locations:

Annapolis 2623 Housley Road Gateway Village Annapolis, MD 21401
Columbia 10630 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Ste 410 Columbia, MD 21044
Germantown 19512-A Amaranth Dr Germantown, MD 20874
Westminster 412 Malcolm Dr, Ste 100 Westminster, MD 21157

DATS of Maryland, LLC is incorporated in the state of Maryland.

Training Facilities
Each school is located within a functioning dental office. The following table indicates the dimensions. Students perform hands-on tasks in treatment and other dental rooms.

Campus Classroom Size Total Sq Ft Lab Size Total Sq Ft
Annapolis 58ft x 14ft 812 sq ft 12ft x11ft 132 sq ft
Columbia 25ft x 30ft 750 sq ft 10ft x 14ft 140 sq ft
Germantown 17ft x 21ft 357 sq ft 11.5ft x 11.8ft 135.7 sq ft
Westminster 22ft x 18ft 396 sq ft 10ft x 12ft 120 sq ft

Student’s Right to Withdraw and Receive a Refund
The enrollment agreement is a legally binding instrument upon the school’s written acceptance of the student’s application for admission

If the school closes, or cancels or changes a program of study or location in such a way that the student who has started is unable to complete training, arrangements will be made in a timely manner to accommodate the needs of each student enrolled in the program who is affected by the cancellation or change. If the school is unable to make alternative arrangements that are satisfactory to the student, the school will refund all money paid by the student for the program.

If the school closes, or cancels or changes a program in a way that is not satisfactory to the student, the school will refund all money paid by the student including the $100 registration fee.

Students may cancel the enrollment agreement by written notice at any time within seven (7) calendar days after signing the contract for a full refund of all monies paid. If withdrawal occurs seven (7) calendar days after signing the original contract and prior to the first class, all monies will be refunded except the registration fee of $100.00.

Tuition for students who elect to withdraw or are terminated from the program after class has started will be refunded or pro-rated according to the following calculations after the cancellation period expires. Book & material fees are non-refundable once class has started.

% of course taught Tuition Refunded (if paid) Tuition Owed
Less than 10% 90% 10%
10%-19% 80% 20%
20% -29% 60% 40%
30%-39% 40% 60%
40%-50% 20% 80%
More than 50% No Refund 100%

A refund due a student shall be based on the date of withdrawal or termination, which is the last date of attendance by the student, and will be paid within 60 days from the date of withdrawal or termination.

Unresolved disputes/Grievance Policy
Students are expected to address any disagreements or conflict directly with the individual involved in person with a written document outlining the complaint and communication. After this, if there is no satisfactory resolution, the student may set an appointment by phone to see the school director. All communications regarding the complaint must be in writing and all meetings and communications will be documented in the student file. Every attempt at a satisfactory resolution will be made. If the complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution’s grievance procedure, or the student believes the problem has still not satisfactorily been resolved, then s/he may contact:

Maryland Higher Education Commission
Attn: Secretary of Higher Education
6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 767-3301
Maryland Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Affairs
200 St. Paul Place Baltimore, MD 21202